About once every three months I find myself, in bed, sleeping with my clothes. It piles up faster than a wave crashes to shore and it's frightening. It may be from one late night trying on everything in my closet before dancing out the door in nothing but black, because that's all my indecisive soul could dream of. So, after one long shower. I made a decision. In order to drain the madness, I will start with seven. Seven of every item in my wardrobe. Seven sweaters, seven t-shirts, seven scarfs...you get the picture. So it will all be settled by the 7th of March. Stay tuned...


Love & Lunch at the Farm

It was a chilly Saturday at the farm filled with roasted vegetables, fresh bread and champagne. Followed by chocolate bars & glitter.

all photos taken by the lovely @jennyhar1102

that time events

farm brunch


seeds of spring

in the deep of winter i graze through seed catalogs 
looking forward to this season on the farm
soon spring will creep up


look up

white clouds tye-dye a blue sky
strangers laugh in the distance & birds sing

[i re-read the moment]

it seems clique
a small figment of the future
but i am here & so are you
sometimes we just forget to look around

the power of the coffee shop

feel the warmth when you enter the door. The rustic, perfectly imperfect decor feels as real as the fresh baked choc-o-pains.

greetings from the jolly lady
who knows your name & your drink
which she pours into a plain white cup.

the authentic minimalism of it all helps to keep us grounded (no pun intended).